Meet Our Team

Evoke Magazine publishes 6 times a year, a full color glossy print publication.

Evoke Magazine publishes 12 times a year, a full color glossy print publication.

Evoke Magazine is produced by a hard working dedicated team of editors and contributors. Below is a list of everyone who is or has been involved in Evoke Magazine. To contact any team member, please use the contact us page or give us a call at 214.516.5659.


Dante Vargas 

Leland Miller
Managing Editor

Kristoffer H. Lemmons
Assistant to the Publisher

Brett Janke
Event Photographer


If you are interested in contributing to Evoke Magazine, please contact us.



He’s known as the protector of all, mess with our staff and it’s him you’ll answer to. He inspires everyone with his courageous fearless spirit, just don’t shake a plastic bag at him, make loud noises, or operate machines. Alright fine, so he’s scared of everything he doesn’t understand, including small children.



Luis Gonzalez - Entertainment Writer
Daniel A. Kusner - Entertainment Writer
Cassie Nova - Advice Columnists
Troy Ordami – Contributing Writer
Jorge Treviano - Contributing Writer
Mark Grey - Contributing Writer